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Starbucks Barista Gives Kidney To Customer - Customer Tips Extra Dollar

April 02, 2008 By: Editor Category: The Angry Waiter Nation 498 Comments →

Just kidding.

Sandie Andersen, a Starbucks barista in Tacoma, Washington did indeed donate a kidney to a customer recently - the comment about the extra dollar is just a little joke.

Andersen, who also helped with the Katrina clean-up, served customer AnnaMarie Ausnes regularly for three years. The two women often made small talk while Ausnes counted out change to pay her daily $1.52 tab, but their friendship never really grew beyond that. Then, not too long ago, Andersen’s customer confessed she need a kidney transplant and no one in her family was a match.

Andersen got herself tested, found out she was a match and offered Ausnes her left kidney.

Now, the guys at my Starbucks are great. They toss me a free cup of coffee now-and-again, maybe a free cookie here-and-there. But a kidney? I doubt it. Plus, I have the feeling these guys hit the bars a little too often for me to want one of their kidneys.

I’ve bought drinks for regular customers hundreds, maybe thousands, of times over the years. I’ve given them money for cabs, I’ve even walked them home and poured them onto their couch, but I doubt very much I could bring myself to give up a body part for one of them.

Normally, I’d say this story is a bit too “feel good” for The Angry Waiter. However, the woman gave up a kidney…she deserves to be recognized. So, here’s to you Sandie Andersen. What kind of a pin does Starbucks give out for that?