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The Angry Waiter Mission
The Mission of The Angry Waiter is to build a Community and a Resource for everyone who works in a Restaurant, Bar or Coffee House.

The Angry Waiter is a way to Connect with other Servers, Bartenders, Baristas, Managers, Chefs, Owners, Hosts and even Customers in your own city and around the nation.The Angry Waiter is a place to find Information about Issues that concern people who work in the service industry. It’s a place to teach a new Recipe, to learn a new Joke, to let others know about Industry Nights, to post Photos of yourself and your co-workers or to share interesting Videos.

The Angry Waiter is a place to Promote Your Passion - your band, your art, your show…your creations.

The idea for The Angry Waiter came about in 2000 as a way to poke fun at websites run by service industry employees whose main purpose was to discuss how much they hated their customers and their jobs.

A couple of those sites are still around and while they’re somewhat entertaining, they offer a very limited perspective of life in the service industry and cast people who work in Restaurants, Bars and Coffee Houses in a negative light.

In 2003, went live on the web. That’s right, this is the original Angry Waiter, that’s how we got the dot com.

By 2008, technology had advanced enough that even a creative-type could offer a more dynamic web experience and The Angry Waiter was re-launched.

Over the years, The Angry Waiter has been contacted many times by various media outlets doing stories on The Horrible Things Restaurant Workers Do To Customers.

Despite the name, isn’t about anger or hostility. Spitting in food, bad mouthing customers and writing about how poorly some people tip really isn’t The Angry Waiter’s style.

However, if you need balance for a similar story or if you wish to discuss a broader range of service industry-related topics, The Angry Waiter is more than happy to help.

Who is The Angry Waiter?
The Angry Waiter is owned by a Chicago-based writer with a master’s degree in Public Affairs Journalism who has spent more than 15 years writing about and working in restaurants and bars.